Exciting News! IMNAT Software, creators of InfoSite, have joined forces with Nakisa.

Together, Nakisa and IMNAT will combine their innovative technology, real estate, and finance expertise to provide a robust end-to-end asset management offering, from lease management to lease accounting.

Following the acquisition, set to close in January 2021, InfoSite will become Nakisa Real Estate. The Nakisa family is delighted to welcome the entire IMNAT team!

To learn more, please refer to the full press release.

Your one-stop real estate hub
InfoSite is a corporate real estate web-based platform engineered to keep all your real estate needs in sync.
IFRS-16 & ASC-842 ready!
Work better, smarter
InfoSite is a web-based platform (SAAS) specifically engineered to assist corporate real estate departments in their day-to-day operations. With its robust work frame, this hub enables your team to manage all your real estate needs, anywhere, anytime.
Always in control
InfoSite’s elaborate dashboard, structured data and powerful reports are the right tools to make better and faster decisions with fewer resources. This complete and flexible solution will always keep you on top of critical dates, costs and tasks.
Increase productivity
Break down your team’s workload into manageable tasks by eliminating manual spreadsheets and consolidating paper agreements into structured data. Our professionally developed work-frame lets you manage everything in one place.
Data sharing
Designed for mobility, all your data is available anywhere, anytime, to all stakeholders. Grant specific levels of access to custom user groups and ensure that the right people are getting the information they need to work effectively - from the office or on the road, from a laptop or a tablet.
Cost management
Occupancy costs represent an important corporate expense that requires constant tracking. InfoSite offers a unique visual summary of all applicable conditions that should be consulted when payments are due. Our year-end reconciliation process, derived from auditing methods, allows to quickly identify any over-billing.
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How is InfoSite different from other available software?
While most real estate software are developed with an accounting background for investors and managers of multi-tenant properties, InfoSite is a complete and flexible solution designed to exceed all your corporate real estate needs. The software’s elaborate dashboard, structured data and reports make it easy to manage all your real estate portfolio. Capable of managing multiple sites (30 to 3000) with multiple landlords and multiples invoices to track, InfoSite assists managers at all levels in all their daily tasks.
Maximize your team’s efforts and give everyone a clear overview of the real estate situation with InfoSite's simple and easy to use. Every page view, every action is real estate oriented and designed to give you the required information for sound business decisions. Learn the fundamentals and start working in just a few hours.
With no hardware to install, or software to maintain, InfoSite is the only dynamic tool to understand everything about your real estate portfolio in just a few clicks. We make your data available anywhere, anytime, with state of the art secured access protocols.

The security of your data is our preoccupation. Our controlled access for each users to specific areas and data (read or write), authorization tool, log tracking and non deletion of data, enables us to add safeguards and accountability in every action. We didn't develop a time machine, but if you ever need to go back in time, we've got you covered; all data is backed-up, and we keep a log of all entries and changes.
Centralized data
Manage everything in one place. Our one-stop real estate management hub, let’s you store current and historical data, leases, locations, rent roll and any other information required for advanced analysis. Over are the days of endless post-its, paper documents, spreadsheets and unstructured folders.

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