About us
A colourful team united by the same values
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About InfoSite
InfoSite was originally developed in 2007 using open source technology, and was made available for a limited number of National Realty’s clients, a sister company.
In 2010 we decided to reinvent InfoSite and bring it to the market with a new up to date platform using Microsoft’s .net technology. InfoSite (v. 2) was launched in 2013 with Rona and Transcontinental as first clients. Since 2013 we have added several large public corporations and government bodies.

IMNAT Softwares was incorporated in 2013 as a dedicated real estate software company and is owned by Christian Guay, who has over 25 year of experience in commercial real estate.
Nationale Realty Inc. has been active in commercial brokerage, lease audit and software development for over a decade. We have developed a real estate investment analysis software and published a book on real estate investments, as well as a public website to guide any investor (www.adviceforrealestate.com).
Our goal is to make corporate real estate management efficient and easy, one click at a time through improved solutions. Our product line helps any real estate department effectively manage their portfolio, small or large.

We are a fast growing team that loves design and programming, but most of all that shares a common passion for excellence and real estate.
Core values

InfoSite development was based on innovation and the latest technologies. We have ideas to grow InfoSite for the upcoming years in order improve corporate real estate management. Always innovating.
Our development is always done in collaboration with the clients aiming at excellence. Our innovations allow our client to excel. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Our commitment towards our clients is reflected in their satisfaction and only them can truly express it. Nothing’s better than a client’s reference and we will be happy to provide you with same.