Stay in Control
Take control of every aspect of your real estate environment - from data entry to dynamic reporting and from lease abstracting to prescriptive analytics - all in one platform.
Increase Productivity
InfoSite gives you the clarity, collaboration, and control you need to increase productivity company-wide. With unlimited database entries and unlimited users, it is a complete and flexible solution to fit your real estate needs.
Reduce manual tasks
From inputting data to sharing information with stakeholders, many tasks that required manpower can now be automated, scheduled and branded to fit your needs - all to save time and avoid unnecessary delays.
Eliminate redundant tasks
No more manual Excel files to maintain. No more exceptions to process manually. Streamline information from your ERP with bidirectional communication protocols - secure and fluid.
Improved reporting
Our dashboards and powerful reporting are bundled for a faster and deeper understanding of your real estate reality. Unique reporting tools allow users to create and immediately update custom Excel reports, as often as required.
Software limitations no longer have to define your team’s productivity level. Our ability to personalize InfoSite allow you to focus on managing your real estate portfolio instead of managing software shortcomings. Eliminate costly manual tasks and reduce sources of error by efficiently managing simple and complex real estate structures.
Assign data entry
Mitigate your lack of resources and need for data by assigning data entry requests to external consultants - insurance broker, tax consultant, physical inspectors and more. Our permission management and enhanced security features allow third parties to manage data on your behalf.
Improved Financial Reporting
Integrated straight line rents, financial obligations and budgeting processes offer major productivity gains and reduce risk of errors
Costs Management
Gain access to more than just raw information. Understand what your leased and owned properties are costing you, and which assets are the most cost effective for your organization.
Lease Abstracting
Create a visual snapshot of the most important elements of your leases. Rent tables, attached documents, insurance policies and statistical data to quickly let you know exactly what to do next.
Year-End Reconciliation
Automatically process year-end reconciliations. InfoSite’s simple guided process makes it easy to track year-to-year expense variations and validate charges invoiced by your landlord. Backend mechanisms merge landlord cost structures and your lease conditions to accurately calculate real costs and identify overbilling.

Lease Audit Program
Monitor historical and current costs for year-to-year discrepancies, outstanding files and amounts owed. Our proprietary system can accrue for amounts that are being withheld from your landlord.

Realty Tax and Assessment Management
A complete tax and assessment management program allows you to reduce your tax charges. Track, manage and report all information pertaining to realty taxes, assessments, appeals, credit to vacancies, reimbursements and more. In our opinion, if you occupy a location and assume 50% or more of the tax bill you have a direct interest in managing said assessment.

Track Costs
Bidirectional data transfer protocol to download real estate costs from your ERP and generate detailed cost analysis. Reports can include costs analysis based on your payments and rent tables.
Data Sharing and Management
Informed decision making
Provide the necessary intelligence to all stakeholders, allowing them to make sound business decisions. Stay informed, innovative and continuously adapted to your fast changing environment.
Structured data
Users can easily identify and access the right information through a structured e-document management system. InfoSite combines structured dropdown menus and data classification to conveniently manage a wide range of data.
Permission management and authorization
With a detailed read/write permission panel, managers can control what information every user can access and modify. A hierarchy based authorization protocol can be enabled to effectively inform and request multiple levels of approval when inputting or altering system entries.
Virtual library
Share, extract and consult any document from your virtual library. List documents per location and know what document you are missing.
SQL Server 2014
.Net 4.5
Unlimited users
Bilingual (Fr/En)
Individual databases per client
Multi ERP compatibility
Data management
Seamless ERP integration (bi-directional)
Virtual notepad
Personalized dashboard
Virtual library
Dynamic reporting
Standard reporting
Changes authorization process
Access anywhere, anytime
Assign data entry
Cost control
Tax and assessment management
Lease audit process
Year-end reconciliation process
Visual lease condition summary
Critical data management
CPI management
% sales management
Financial reports