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Frequently Asked Questions
Should I verify my landlord’s invoices?
Experience shows that mistakes are common in the year-end reconciliation process. Many reasons justify this reality: 1) Major landlords have thousands of leases and as many reconciliations to perform; 2) Rotating landlord's employees; 3) Audited statements are usually based on a standard lease and, if your lease is different. Landlord has to manually adjust the numbers and 4) Potential bad faith.
Does InfoSite integrate with third parties accounting software?
Yes, InfoSite has the ability to seamlessly integrate with all ERP’s (SAP, Oracle, People Soft) that can communicate through a Web-service or an API. InfoSite can integrate with different ERP’s for different divisions.
Where is the data stored and the software hosted?
The software is hosted on a main server located in a highly secured data center in Canada. Every client has a separate database.
How does licencing and pricing work?
Licencing is very simple. Unlimited users, all modules, pricing depends on the number of locations.
Does InfoSite manage internal leases?
Yes, InfoSite manages leases, sub-leases, internal and external leases, and even sub-sub-leases. With its flexible structure InfoSite can adapt to all your needs.
Should I manage my realty taxes?
Realty taxes are important and like any other important expense they should be challenged and tracked each year. As a rule of thumb, if you are responsible for 50% or more of the tax bill you have a material interest to do so.
Does InfoSite manage leased and owned properties?
Yes, InfoSite will manage every aspect of leased or owned properties.
Is there anything to manage on the client’s side?
No, we take care of maintenance, backups, updates and make sure that every day the software is 100% functional.
Can I manage different divisions, different currencies with different accounting systems?
Yes, InfoSite can manage multi-currency, multi-unit, and multi accounting systems. No need to cheat, simply assign each division to a specific accounting system and specific GL accounts.
Can InfoSite manage CPI leases?
Yes, InfoSite updates its user-defined CPI tables automatically and will calculate CPI increases automatically, all in a simple process.
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