One platform. Multiple modules. Unlimited uses.
Designed to adapt to any organization, InfoSite makes it easy to manage all your corporate real estate needs with centralized data management and many monitoring features.
It’s always useful to have an overview of your real estate portfolio; one quick look and anyone using InfoSite will know exactly what deadlines are coming up, how many properties are leased and owned, as well as where to find exactly what they need. Each user can personalize which data is synced and how elements are displayed on their dashboard.
Location abstracts
All your location details in one place. Simple and easy to generate, location abstracts allow real estate managers to effortlessly gather pertinent information on locations, premises, leases and taxes for any given file.
Critical dates
This section presents an aggregate list of your upcoming deadlines and important milestones outlined by lease conditions. Use automated triggers to stay on top of deadlines and strategically meet your real estate obligations.
Dynamic (powerful) charts
With easy-to-read graphs and custom charts, stakeholders gain an insightful look at how real estate assets evolve over time and identify performance levels.
Locations and Premises
InfoSite makes location and premises management easy, even if you're not real estate savvy. The software’s architecture offers a logical link between locations, premises and leases. Take a look at the key elements that can be managed in those modules:
  • + Owned and leased properties.(lands, building, right of servitude and more);
  • + Occupied, vacant, leased and subleased areas;
  • + Landlords, managers and payees with historical data;
  • + User defined areas with historical data;
  • + Internal and external contacts;
  • + Sales location directly from your ERP;
  • + Automatic emails to landlords;
  • + Photos and documents;
  • + Environmental information;
  • + Easements, competitors and neighbour's mapping with descriptions;
  • + Brokerage contracts;
  • + Extensive mapping functionalities.

InfoSite's lease module guides the user into a personalized environment to ensure structured data for clear and concise information. Take a look at key elements, you can manage:
  • + Head, internal, and external leases and subleases;
  • + Rent tables with user defined accounts;
  • + Percentage rents;
  • + All documents such as leases, amendments, lease registrations and others;
  • + User-defined date critical and non-date critical clauses with automatic email notification;
  • + Detailed lease conditions to achieve efficient cost control;
  • + Incentives: amounts to collect, free rent and more;
  • + Automatic CPI updates and rent calculation with possibility to accrue;
  • + Detailed lease audits and lease reconciliations;
  • + Detailed authorization process to track any changes to your lease data.

Taxes and Assessments
InfoSite’s unique tax and assessment module will assist you in every step of your tax reduction program. Readily monitor:
  • + Realty, water, business, personal property and any other tax accounts;
  • + Assessments and tax bills - make sure you received all your tax bills and avoid interests;
  • + Assessment reviews and appeals with critical dates;
  • + Applications for vacant premises and tax credits;
  • + Tax bill payments;
  • + Property assessments with the value calculation tool;
  • + Data entry assignment and management to your tax consultant while gaining control of your data.

Physical Description and Inspection, Repairs and Values
Keep track of your key physical indicators for future reporting and better decision making. Protect your exit with structured move-in reports and yearly automated physical inspections. While still keeping track of the following information:
  • + User-defined location and premises descriptions with pictures for future maintenance and repairs;
  • + User-defined physical inspections that you can assign to third parties or in-house employees such as store managers. A store manager can receive email notifications and could fill the inspection form on his phone, tablet or computer;
  • + Move-in, move-out and yearly inspections with pictures to protect your future interest;
  • + Major repairs and constructions per site (completed, to do, that must be done) with critical date notifications and budget relation;
  • + Tracked values by market, book, liquidation, track values and more.

Payments and Rent Roll
Designed to handle a high volume of monthly transactions, data validation processes and multi-system accounting integrations, InfoSite is a one-of-a-kind platform that will simplify accounting procedures and record keeping.
Standard and Dynamic Reporting
Dynamic reporting is a unique proprietary tool that allows the end-user to create and modify customized reports. This powerful tool enables users to export Excel reports with the capability of real-time data sync for future use. We also offer several standard and financial reports that can be exported into PDF and Excel formats.
Critical date can be delivered by report and by email with user defined permissions and preferences. Each user can decide at what frequency he wants to receive the reports and for which files;
Generate properties abstracts, as well as locations and premises summary. Most pages of InfoSite can be exported into PDF format;

Mapping per entity, groups, landlord group, dates;
Financial reports, straight line rents, financial obligations, and budgets.
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Other Modules
InfoSite offers many other modules and functionalities to help optimize your real estate department’s productivity.
Manage insurance policies, certificates and coverages. Send insurance certificates to your landlords with automatic acknowledgement notice. Collect insurance certificates from your tenants. Manage and track insurable value. Assign data management to your insurance broker.
Projects and tasks
Manage projects, milestones and tasks with automatic email reminders. Track all the tasks that you have assigned to different people. Group all communications per projects and tasks in one location.
Occupancy costs
InfoSite's bidirectional capability allows you to download financial data from your accounting software for cost analysis. Track tasks assigned to your team and external entities.
Virtual library
Access InfoSite’s virtual library with all documents orderly classified and ready to be reviewed or shared. Find out exactly what documents are available or missing in each file.