Human ingenuity driving technology
Having the right technology and a validated process are key parts of a reliable solution. Our service offering is tailored to exceed client expectations and add value at every stage.
Data Management
As a technology partner, we collaborate closely with our clients at every stage of their project to achieve a smooth and successful integration.
Data transfer
Different systems have different data structures and technical specifications that need to be taken into consideration to avoid compromising information. Our experts take great care in understanding the requirements of data migration between your current system and InfoSite, by creating a strategic migration plan.
Data entry
The process of importing and inputing legal binding data into a fully automated system requires great attention to detail and often a legal background. Whether on an on-going basis or occasionally we can assist you in entering and maintaining your data in InfoSite.
Data validation
Erroneous data results in unreliable reports and information. A thorough validation of existing data has proven to be financially profitable and to eliminate the risk of carrying over previously inputted inaccurate data.
Lease Abstracting
Our team of experts can assist you in performing detailed lease abstracts or to simply review specific lease conditions. This one time procedure has proven to increase productivity and decrease costs over the duration of the lease agreement.
Monthly rent roll generation and reporting
We can generate your rent roll on a monthly basis with or without your monthly adjustments.
Lease audit
Whether on a contractual basis or occasionally, we can help verify your lease costs and make sure your company is paying according to its leases. When performing a lease audit, we are always careful to respect and protect the relation between the tenant and landlord.
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Turn-key services | Customization
Web service integration
Streamline data from your existing infrastructure straight into InfoSite’s databases with a web service integration. New interfaces and widgets can be developed to communicate with virtually any software that you are currently running provided internet connections are supported.
From language to special data categorization, to special reports and complex views, we can fine tune InfoSite to seamlessly integrate it to your current environment.
Consulting services
With over 25 years of experience in real estate, auditing and project management, we can assist you through every step of the way: lease clauses, software needs, leasing or purchasing a property, and more. Our team of experts provides best in class consulting services.